Saturday, August 21, 2010

summer doesn't want to leave us..

Hello,our lovely readers...
Last days of august[and of summer] and we can't wait for autumn.
We're bored of wearing shorts, sandals and such kind of stuff.
We want to wear our cute cardigans again.
But the temperature here in greece iis still in very high levels. Over 30
So we need to be a little more patient..

Stavril: top:vintage,denim shorts:bsb,heels1:.. , heels2:H&M
Stavril is wearing 2 different pair of heels. She got tired with the first one and that's why she changed.

Mary:pants:Zara,top:vintage,heels:Schutz,clutch:fullah sugah by skondras
I got the heels a few days ago on sales. I love them!

So, hope you're having all a great time and enjoying the last days of summer.
And thanks for supporting us.

Oh, by the way i'm on Lookbook!
I'm so excited.
Soon will be Stavril,too!

written by Mary


Selehna said...

lovely sets!!!

ViCreative said...

love both of your outfits!!

(new post: Red Heels & follow me)

augustalolita said...

lovely outfit!! the dress on the 1st look is very pretty!! the top and shoes on the 2nd outfit are amazing!!

Constant said...

Beautiful dress!
And what about autumn... I can't wait too. It's my favourite season of the year. And I love wear jeans and cardigans ;)

Coralie said...

Wow, love both of your outfitsn you really know how to dress well :) and I really LOVE this leopard blouse from Zara !
I'm really looking forward to wearing whool and cardigans again !
Thanks for your comment ^^


Fashionlee said...

love those last pair of heels!

mary_ronaldo said...

thank you all.
corallie the top is actually vintage. the pants are from Zara.
happy that you like it!

Irini L. said...

nice blog

have a look at

agnes said...

ta rotbe en dentelle est magnifique, et j'aime beaucoup toutes tes chaussures

My Republic of Fashion said...

Cute outfits! Love both pairs of shoes. SarahD

Abi said...

Sweet photos! Love the print blouse

ViCreative said...

thanks back for your reply...waiting for a new post of yours ;)

(new post: Missoni inspired top & follow me)


that lace dress is amazing <3

Jess said...

Taiwan is still very hot right now.

you are so sunning! the lace dress is so lovely :)

Jess from Taiwan.

Louela Daniele said...

you guys look adorable! love the style! lovin your blog as well!

make sure to check out my

magdalena said...

i know what you mean!I want my cardigans and my gloves, my boots, my tights and my long trousers back!!oh and i want some chill also i can;t stand the temperature here in athens anymore!!!!!

W. said...

great outfits and you look great too!come and check my profile and follow it if you like it

Tanya said...

I love the 2nd top.

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